About Us

Hii!! Welcome to the family!
Here is how it all started...
115A North Main Street... "If these walls could talk..." Nonnie said.
Nonnie's Boutique started with a quick decision on a piece of property that has a lot of sentimental value. Let me take you back in time to the early 80s. My grandmother, "Nonnie," operated a beauty salon out of this building, and after many years she decided to give up her lease and retire in 2013. This building played a huge part in my mother's and my life. We grew up in this building, spending many days after school, many weekend trips here, and MANY bowl cut haircuts... When this building got listed for sale, my mom and I knew we had to have it! We weren't sure why or what we would do out of it, but we wanted it. So fast forward to 2023, and we are now the proud owners of 115A N Main Street. We did all of this in secret, knowing that whatever we decided to do, we wanted it to surprise Nonnie. We introduced Nonnie to "Nonnie’s Boutique" and she couldn't believe it. We were able to give her back a place where she has so many memories and cherished moments.
Six months in... WOW! The love and gratitude we have felt from our customers is fantastic! We have grown and grown since day one! So much to the point where we have TRIPLED in size! You read that right! While we still own our original building, we have now taken over the building next to good ol' 115A N Main Street, and we have moved Nonnie's Boutique into a much larger space for more goodies! Attached to our excellent Mila's on Main Beauty Salon! Can you believe that? Now, we can bring a great new store to historic Downtown Wildwood, offering clothing, accessories, gifts, decor, and much more, AS WELL as a beautiful beauty salon for all your beauty needs!
We are so excited for what the future holds! <3